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Highlight video of notable fights over the past few months that we've had:

Thanks to Serithyn for making the vid!

Large Fights on EBG (JQ/SBI/BG), with voice audio. FLUX on JQ. We're recruiting!

Greetings guildies,

PvE raids (Spirit Vale, etc.) will be postponed till the new year due to the holiday weeks, as many will be busy spending time with their families and loved ones. We will resume our PvE raids on 1/5/17.

WvW raids will continue to go on as scheduled.

Greetings Fluxies,

The two PvE raid days, Thursday 11/24 and Saturday 11/26, have been cancelled due to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Enjoy the time off with your families!

The Monday 11/21, Wednesday 11/23, and Friday 11/25 WvW raid event days will still be running. If anything comes up, we will give ahead notice on the FLUX Discord.

8m video of FLUX on EBG for 11/18/16 reset, large fights against FA and SBI: